Friday, July 20, 2007 review

When I saw the trailers of Transformers last month, I had decided that we are gonna watch this movie for sure! And then a few guys from our class went in the opening weekend and were praising this movie like anything. Then I found an online streaming link good quality print and we hooked it up to our projector and started watching, but my roommate was not interested in that idea and he wanted to watch it in the theater itself. And we also thought this movie is worth it. So we went to the theater last night to watch this movie. When we went inside, the entire hall was empty and we were the only guys. And this was at 10:20 PM for the 10:25 show. Was this a bad sign? we thought. At 10:25, few more people came but the entire hall had around 15 people...on a Thursday night..We were really confused at that..At around 1 AM, we got all our answers. Our heads were spinning, our ears were ringing, and we were all blaming each other for watching this piece of shit in the theater.

Yes. This movie sucks! For starters, this movie about the hugely popular in the 80's action figure toys, could have developed some better plot..It was popular then, but adding so much emotions to those robots make it look stupid now. And the movie is loud throughout, i dunno how we managed to sit through the entire movie.

Talking of emotions, some of those actions by the good robots may look funny to some, but I felt it was stupid, but that is just my opinion. The car peeing on the S-7 agent was funny though. The scene where they wait outside Sam's house could have been cut by 10 mins. It was long and boring, and I was utterly surprised when Sam's parents could not notice all the destruction to their lawn and those giant robots walking on it. How could they hide, I still dont know!

And what happened to the huge US army/air force troops? How come the same bunch of guys have to fight the transformers from Qatar to LA? Don't they deserve a break, that too at a time they were all set to go home?

The part where he tries to make a call to Pentagon routed through the Indian call-center was not needed. The director might have tried to make that funny, but a call to Pentagon traced through an Indian call center? And what was that crap about giving the best offer? Lots of explanations required for that scene.

The part about Rachel Taylor, the computer Analyst who tries to decipher the code is also funny. First, she stores the data on a Sandisk 2 GB SD card, takes it to her friend, who doesn't look like a hacker from any angle, and he just inserts it, types some random keys, and presto! They discover Sam Witwicky and Sector 7. And what software was that? I am interested... and how does he connect a computer to a radio? I initially thought he connects the microphone ports to the radio or something, but then he starts typing into the computer. If anybody understood that funda, kindly explain it to me.

There is an age-old movie formula where the bad guys have all the latest technology gadgets and the good guys just fight them and defeat them. Looks like this movie has adopted the same formula. Now, the Decepticons can transform themselves into so many different things from tape-recorders to cell phones to fighter jets, how come the Autobots just stick to transform between robots and trucks/cars and nothing else. They could have saved so much time if they could transform themselves to a jet and gone to the cube. And of course, all the car models have to be from GM.

Another thing which made the movie illogical is torturing scene of Bumblebee by the humans! Adding so much emotions was one thing, but how can you give it an electric shock and it starts wriggling like humans do? and then he has lost energy and is sporting a weary look before regaining his power to fight. Gimme a break!!

It did not make much sense to me as to why they carried the cube from Hoover dam to LA, destroying LA downtown in the process. The ending fight scene was good but very noisy. But the often repeated "It's you and me, Megatron" sounded very cliché.

On a whole, the movie can be a hit with the kids (and also elders who are only interested in sci-fi gadgets) but for people who look for logic, you wont find it anywhere in this film, even in minor things, like the heroine Mikaela who decides to walk 10 miles home just because her boyfriend does not allow her to drive the car! BTW, she is hot! Megan Fox is a fox for sure! And she is originally from Rockwood, TN which is an hour drive from my place! Tennessee girls are hot maaan!!

I will give this movie ** for its special effects and Megan. Stay away from it if you can!

Tension gone....

The last few weeks had been one of the toughest times for me...I had to defend my project, lots of things were not working, had to work 20 hrs a week besides that..I was so busy I was not even doing my job searches! The last few days, I started praying that my committee will not fail me, and though everybody assured me that they dont do that generally, I was worried.

Yesterday was the big day. Gave my presentation, showed the results I got so far and told them I will be working on the remaining parts still..and they passed me without an problem! :)

So now, I am just 1 step away from MS graduation, and need to submit some work by Aug 10th so that my prof can grade me. But the tension is gone, finally!!

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