Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The chamber of Shaolin in Knoxville

Ever seen those old Chinese KungFu movies centered around the Shaolin temple? If not, try seeing them sometime. If you have seen them, did you ever think whatever they are doing is all stupid and laugh your ass off as they fly in the air shouting chang, choon, chan, chin, hoo, haa, huck, f**k, $&%#,^&#@,.. (ok, i'll stop here, but I think you got the idea). Well, I used to think that way and thought they are the Chinese equivalents of our Indian "superstars" who defy the laws of physics like Rajini, Captain, Mithun and a host of others from all over India..But one show proved me wrong; the Shaolin Warriors show which was held in Knoxville on Nov 5th '07.

For those who do not have any idea about Shaolin, you can go through this link.

The 2 hr show began on time sharply at 7.30 and started with some basic moves and stuff. As the show went on, we realized how good these monks are as they demonstrated various skills ranging from high level stuff like fighting with weapons to lower things like sweeping floor and having food!
We managed to capture some pics while they were performing some stunts. Here are some of them:

Here are some videos of their stunts..You will soon realize how amazing they are!!

To become a Shaolin Master, you must start practicing at a young age. In the group which performed, there were 2 young guys who, for all I know might be around 10 years old! But they were so good, you might have noticed them in the previous video. Here's another one involving one of those kids..

Apart from these stunts, there were also a few stunts which were very funny! Like, they have a crazy way of collecting food, why cant they just stand in line and collect them??
And sweeping the floor is now an art, thanks to them. I think they can kill all the cockroaches in our house if we invite them sometime!! Look at these videos and you'll see for yourselves..

Now, don't ever think that you can never be a Shaolin warrior..It is possible, but it would look funny in the beginning, like these people from the audience who were taught the basics of Shaolin KungFu...

The show ended on an amazing note with a superb stunt. Check it out!!

All in all, an outstanding performance!!
After seeing this show, one thing is for certain. We are not making fun of Chinese KungFu movies anymore!

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