Sunday, April 29, 2007

Finally, an end to a sorry spectacle...

I guess you know what I am talking about..the World Cup. Its been 2 months of sad tale, an utter flop show series, topped (or shall I say, bottomed) appropriately by the Final game.

I can't believe a referee and the umpires standing for a World Cup final were not really aware of the rules! Add to that, a horrible presentation ceremony, though Tony Cozier wasn't all that bad, he still forgot to mention Rudy Koertzen and Billy for the 3rd & 4th umpire's medals while Rudy was waiting to collect it and the camera focused on him! He however made up for that by announcing their names after Aussies took their medals. A horrible speech by Percy Sonn, where he did not even mention a word about Bob Woolmer was also very bad.

Apart from these, throughout the WC, there were hardly any interesting games and most of the teams lacked spirit. Even though India and Pakistan crashed early, I felt they were a bit unlucky as there were other teams like England & WI who were also as bad, maybe worse. Just that their 1st round was easier and so they got a chance to get raped multiple times at a higher level.

And there was nothing really special about the Proteas & Kiwis either. They had a few good games, against the bad teams, but they played like high school kids when they faced Australia and Sri Lanka. Compare the Aus-SA semifinal in 99 with this one, and you'll realize the levels that have been dropped by SA. And dunno what went wrong with NZ! Only Australia and SL played like true cricketers in this world cup, and SL was a bit unlucky to lose the finals. First, a reduced game for a final, then Gilly, and finally confused umpires made sure SL lost.

Another important thing which made this a poor show was the rule to not allow Musical Instruments to the ground, and of course, high ticket pricing. But no music, come on, this is West Indies! and calypso music on the grounds is like a tradition! No wonder people preferred to stay at home rather than come to the stadium. The organizers say that this is a profitable World Cup, but you can judge for yourself.

At the end of it all, even this WC had its good moments, when Gibbs hit 6 sixes, Malinga took 4 wickets in a row, and there were some high quality innings from De Villiers, Hayden, Gilli, Mahela etc...

It was good to see some good cricket from the Irish. The ICC made them a ODI team, but I hope their fate is not the same like Kenya, another ODI team, but playing real ODI games only once in 4 years, in the WC. My advice to ICC, if you give ODI status to a team, make them play games regularly and improve the cricketing infrastructure in that country. But will the ICC ever listen? No wonder cricket is a fading game...

Inspite of all this, I will still follow the next series and hope that India play well in the Twenty20 championship in September atleast (which I seriously doubt). And the organizers have ensured revenue by pitting India and Pakistan in the same group along with the Scots with 2 teams advancing. So lets see what happens then!!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Sachin relief fund

Sachin Tendulkar is a very happy man now. He has now got a strong source for his pension income. He may not even have to perform ads, let alone play cricket! Check out the link!

Behind every successful man, there is a woman, they there is a new thing, behind every retired successful man, there is a eunuch! ;)

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