Friday, February 23, 2007

Chemical Weapon of Mass Destruction

A smelly "fart bomb" had postal staff and firefighters holding their breath today when it burst at a postal sorting centre on Auckland's North Shore.

Supposedly, this was a giveaway in an internet magazine like those sample shampoo sachets!! When other postal items were placed on top of the magazines being posted out the sachet bomb burst and released its contents shortly after daybreak!! (:D ROTFLMAO!!!)

Even the fire service was called and the centre evacuated and roads in the area were closed!! This one can surely classify as a chemical weapon of mass destruction!! ;)

More details about that can be found here:
(Alternate link:

If you've seen the movie, Jackass 2, *ing Johnny Knoxville (If u haven't seen it and if u are a guy, watch it, if not, better stay away, this is my warning to girls! don't curse me later), there is one scene where a fat guy farts through a pipe!! (no more details, too gross). That's one crazy thing, but Jackass is a crazy movie, but this one is too much! Who will fart into a sachet and put that in an internet magazine as a giveaway??? Imagine what will they be promoting it as? "Try the new fart in town, Fartene!! After smelling this, any other fart will be like perfume to the nose!!" :)

After this, I guess the guy responsible will be having the last laugh...

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