Friday, May 04, 2007

Now, this is what I call directions!!

If you are in the US or Europe, you would have definitely used Google Maps sometime to get driving directions. Has anybody tried giving driving directions to European cities? We tried it that day, and had amazing results!
One ex. Try giving directions from New York to London. It gives you some road direction till Atlantic Ave. in Boston, and from there, you have to swim 3462 Miles! The best part, even for swimming, you need to follow your directions properly as there are some turns to be taken. Not following it might take you to Bermuda Triangle also if you get lost, so be careful! After that long swim, you will reach Le Havre in France, and from there, go through the Chunnel (no swimming here) to reach England and subsequently to London. Check out the image below if you wont believe me.

Now comes the funny part. I do not know if there is some facility in Boston to facilitate the swimmers from US to Europe, but wherever you are in the US, if you need to go to Europe, you need to go via Boston. I tried San Jose to Paris, and that journey takes 1 month, as you need to first make a cross-country trip to Boston and then swim 3462 miles again.
Again, Le Havre is the ending destination always. If you need to swim to Portugal, you cant swim directly, you have to go to Le Havre and then drive down from there!
Try playing around with some of the European cities and have fun!

One condition, you can swim to Europe, but not to Africa, not even to Cuba! This is what happens if you give power to users to create their own maps...

Anybody game for a road/sea trip to Europe?

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