Sunday, August 15, 2004

Quiz 4

Hi all,

Back after some time. here is a new quiz. A quiz on sports.

1) Japan hosted the first Olympic Games in Asia on Oct 1, 1964. What did they introduce to commemorate the event?

2) What 'first' did New Zealand achieve when they played and won against the West Indies in the Natwest final recently?

3) Whom did Saurav Ganguly replace in the Bengal Ranji team, when he made his debut in the Ranji trophy final match in 1989?

4) Rule 42 , part C of an sport has garnered prominence throughout world recently . Which sport and what rule ?

5) Who apart from Sergi Bubka has cleared the 6.0 meters barrier in Pole Vault. He hates Sergi Bubka so much that he has named his dog as Bubka?

Answers as soon as possible. Plz mail ur answers to

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