Monday, June 25, 2007

The great Indian trilogy..

So even Bollywood has decided to make a, not like Dhoom 3 which has been announced by Aditya Chopra, which might deliver another truckload of crap when released, but a trilogy in the real sense, like LOTR. And the trilogy is about the Mahabharata! Check out this link about the movie..

Mani Ratnam is gonna be the director and the movie has a huge star cast, provided in this link (dunno how much accurate it is, but for now, it will hold)...good, but there are some things which make me wonder.

1) Look at the pic of SRK. Now, is this movie about Mahabharata which is set in Japan with a war amongst the Kauraba and Pandeba Samurai? Shifurukufu Kuhanu playing the role of Karanu? If u are wondering what the hell is this guy talking, these are the Japanese equivalent names. Anyway, the costume looks ridiculous for an Indian epic movie.

2) Salman Khan is playing the role of Krishna!! WTF!! (banging my head against the wall!). When he himself doesn't wear any clothes, what will he provide to Rani Mukherjee while Nagarjuna is pulling her saree?

3) Jackie Shroff, Vikram (from Anniyan), Aamir Khan, Madhavan and Mohan lal are the 5 Pandavas. Every one is acceptable except Mohan lal. He is playing the role of Sahadeva, the youngest of the Pandavas!! Even if this is wrong info, whoever thought of putting him for that role?

4) Madhuri Dixit is Kunti.... sad...she plays the role of Jackie's & Mohan lal's mother!!

5) some good matches..Amitabh for Bheeshma, Kamal Hassan for Duryodhana, Kabir Bedi for Vidur.

6) some better matches...Naveen Nischol for Dhritrashtra.

7) and the best match is: Karan Johar for Shikhandi!! He is tailormade for that role! he just has to be himself!! :D

well, this movie is even listed in imdb, so we have to wait and see when this will be released. If some of these mismatched stars are really acting in the movie, even the writer of Mahabharata, Lord Ganesha, can't save it!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Can it get worse than this?

I have made some stupid decisions in life...I realize that the decision is stupid because after I make that, things which were supposed to have happened before, happens. Last Friday was one such example...
2 weeks before last Friday, I lost my college ID card. Searched all around the house, and everywhere in my bag but could not find it. I had just started going back to the gym and before I could get more inspiration to work out, I lost the card. No card = No gym, and that way, 2 weeks tagged along. In between, I asked everyone, made another search in the house (searching for something in my house is no simple feat btw, there are layers and layers of trash to be rummaged through) but with no luck. And getting a replacement card costs $30. (WTF!!!)
Then I hit upon an idea and asked a friend of mine who had just quit our university but had already paid the summer gym fees to mail me his card. The assistants in the gym don't really care though a different face flashes on their screen when I swipe the card. He said fine and mailed me the card. But then, I could not use the card to pay my summer fees. I thought I'll pay it online before realizing that there is a $20 something charge for online transactions. Then I began to wonder what to do, and then made the stupid decision. I thought, rather than pay $20 and use someone else's ID for the gym, I'll pay $30 and get my own ID. And I did that on Friday morning.

All seemed well till evening when we decided to play tennis..I went to pick up the rackets from the room when I saw that extra racket. And I realized that it belongs to our apartment office where we can rent it for free. I had already started cursing myself when I went to return that racket, and they gave me my lost ID card!!! :(
If only I had waited for another weekend, this would not have happened. To rub salt to the wounds, I found out that paying the fees online carries a 2.5% charge and not a $20 charge. it used to come to around $20 because my fees used to be around $800 during Fall and Spring sem. For summer, the fees was $130, so if I had paid the fees online, the charge would be around $3! I feel like kickin' my own balls now...and I don't need assistance, if somebody is interested..

Only +ve I can think of: Now I have a shiny, new ID card only 2 months before graduation (if it can be some consolation)

Can it get any worse than this?

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