Monday, June 25, 2007

The great Indian trilogy..

So even Bollywood has decided to make a, not like Dhoom 3 which has been announced by Aditya Chopra, which might deliver another truckload of crap when released, but a trilogy in the real sense, like LOTR. And the trilogy is about the Mahabharata! Check out this link about the movie..

Mani Ratnam is gonna be the director and the movie has a huge star cast, provided in this link (dunno how much accurate it is, but for now, it will hold)...good, but there are some things which make me wonder.

1) Look at the pic of SRK. Now, is this movie about Mahabharata which is set in Japan with a war amongst the Kauraba and Pandeba Samurai? Shifurukufu Kuhanu playing the role of Karanu? If u are wondering what the hell is this guy talking, these are the Japanese equivalent names. Anyway, the costume looks ridiculous for an Indian epic movie.

2) Salman Khan is playing the role of Krishna!! WTF!! (banging my head against the wall!). When he himself doesn't wear any clothes, what will he provide to Rani Mukherjee while Nagarjuna is pulling her saree?

3) Jackie Shroff, Vikram (from Anniyan), Aamir Khan, Madhavan and Mohan lal are the 5 Pandavas. Every one is acceptable except Mohan lal. He is playing the role of Sahadeva, the youngest of the Pandavas!! Even if this is wrong info, whoever thought of putting him for that role?

4) Madhuri Dixit is Kunti.... sad...she plays the role of Jackie's & Mohan lal's mother!!

5) some good matches..Amitabh for Bheeshma, Kamal Hassan for Duryodhana, Kabir Bedi for Vidur.

6) some better matches...Naveen Nischol for Dhritrashtra.

7) and the best match is: Karan Johar for Shikhandi!! He is tailormade for that role! he just has to be himself!! :D

well, this movie is even listed in imdb, so we have to wait and see when this will be released. If some of these mismatched stars are really acting in the movie, even the writer of Mahabharata, Lord Ganesha, can't save it!
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