Thursday, January 17, 2008

Now, this is what I call planning..Part 2

Recently saw this ad in the Classifieds section of our university. It goes something like this..

Item/Desc: Greenwood Cemetery - four plots for sale

The plots are valued at $1895 each, but will be sold as a group
of four for $7000. The sites are located in the middle of the
North Knoxville cemetery.

It took me a while to figure out what this guy is trying to sell..was he selling a house plot or a graveyard plot? Now, who will buy a house in the middle of a cemetery unless that person is a ghost..well, I think the idea of ghosts starting to invest in "real" estate seems a bit far fetched. So it must be humans buying graveyard plots.

The US is one place where man really needs to pay a heavy price for his own death, everything is insanely expensive from coffins to funerals to graveyard plots, so looking at it, investing in your own graveyard while you are still alive is not a very bad idea... What is funny though, is the discount offered for buying 4 plots together, so that a family can stay together even after their that is what I call planning..

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