Wednesday, February 06, 2008

If your grandfather hadn't worn it, you wouldn't exist

The above line was printed on a bottle of Old Spice Classic body wash which I happened to buy once. Now, the line kinda ticks me off. How can a soap manufacturing company challenge my very existence in this world?
Now after reading this, should I wake up the spirits of my taathas (grandpas) and ask them who was the one wearing Old Spice body wash in his youthful days in the pre independence era and line maarofying with my respective ammammas (grandmas), thus eventually leading to my existence? Come to think of it, what were the chances our ammammas even saw their husbands before the marriage day? zilch.. or atleast close to it. And in those days, how did it matter if the husband used Old spice or a pack of old spices to wash his body, it did not change anything and a cricket team was still born to them.
Coming to the next generation, I can probably ask my dad if he used Old Spice body wash before marriage, but since it mentioned only Grandfather (why, was Old Spice out of production during the 70's and 80's?), I will skip that.

But now that I exist, I can safely tell that when I get really old and have grandchildren and they come across this post by chance, they will be enlightened to know about their existence ... much before the storks came and dropped them off at their parents doorsteps, and even before their parents met up, their grandfather had once purchased a bottle of Old Spice Classic body wash and worn it...

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