Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Random pics taken from the cell phone..

Here are some pics taken from my cell phone (the camera had to be used sometime...). Lemme start on a "high" note..


This seems like a standard picture..watz special? That drink..yeah, the glass may seem huge, and it was huge!! That contained 32 oz of Margarita (almost 1 liter) and was aptly called Megarita. I started with this drink and before I could finish it, even my dinner was over!!
Courtesy: Ruby Tuesday

The Other Door (Pic quality is a little bad..kindly adjust)

for the weak eyed, it reads:
This Door Sticks half the time.
Go ahead and use the other one
(We wont tell)

But be careful:
Dont hit unsuspecting people on the other side

This notice was stuck on the sticking door found near my workplace where there are 2 huge doors, one for people coming from on side, second for those going to the other side, so that people don't bang the door on someone's face coming from the opposite side. And yes, it does stick half the time. But this notice sounded pretty funny to me, especially the 'We wont tell' part! I appreciate the effort made in preparing the notice, but they could have just got that door fixed! Even the maintenance people walk past that everyday...it happens not only in India..

Papaya Can

Found this in the local Indian Store. Its a can of papaya in syrup and the brand name is
"Cock on the Mountain Top"
Papayas anyone??
(Googling on the name will give u better pics)

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