Monday, March 26, 2007

New jobs for our Indian cricketers

A friend of mine forwarded the below pics as possible professions for our "mighty" cricketers now that they are jobless after an early exit from the World Cup. Nice job, whoever did that!

Now, this pic got me real puzzled and I was wondering what is a coconut seller doing among cricketers before realizing that this is Robin Uthappa!! This profession suits him almost perfectly! Maybe the perfect job for him is to make Onion Uthappas in roadside dosa stalls!

Ah! The Prince of Kolkata! May I suggest you something? Keep a timer and record how many times you can snip with those scissors in a min and compare it with the no. of times you bat your eyelids in a min!

I don't think he is fit for even this! But who knows what Sehwag ki maa taught him? atleast cook properly if you can't bat well!

Chai Chai!! "Ten" Rs. only!!
The official tea vendor for 2011 World Cup!

After "Jam Jam Jammy", everybody chant "Swam Swam Swami"

In my honest opinion, you are better off being a cricketer. You played well in the WC and the run out was not your fault.

Starting from Left: Dhoni and Babloo the monkey which taught cricketing skills to Dhoni. Now seriously considering trading places with him to restore sanity!

Dunno who came up with this idea!
Agarkar himself looks like a fish!
Checking who is fatter, him or the fish! :)

Zaheer bhai! Sambhalke! these flowers are for sale! Not for Isha!

Chicken Tandoori? What happened? Meerabai may be not out, but are you out?

I would have loved to see a new profession for bhaji as well but I did not get that in the forward. According to me, his ideal job is clean the trash thrown on the beaches, and he can be aptly called "Bhaji on the beach"!

More suggestions for the above/other Indian players are most welcome! There are high probabilities they may lose these jobs as well after some time..
I think sachin is suitable for Broker for Mumbai red light area.
if he becomes that, even the red light area starts getting ads.. :D
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