Monday, August 21, 2006

Thirsty kya?

No, this is not the ad-line for Domino's new drink or something( and they are also not coming with any drink), rather I am asking this question to Indian God(s). Approximately around the same time, 11 years ago, there was this so called "miracle". Now, history has repeated. Coincidence: Both times it has occurred around the time of Ganesh Chaturthi. But this time it has extended to all the Indian Idols (not the Abhijeet Sawants, but the Gods) but am not sure if Khushboo or Silk Smitha drank them in their temples in Tamil Nadu.

What is happening to the people? First they throng to the beach to drink the "sweet" water, god knows as a result of what, now this one..with all the corruption and injustice happening there, people do look for miracles from god, but are these miracles? why does blind faith have to prevail all the time? Any Geology students out there hunting for a thesis topic? This one has a potential to be one. Lets see how far this will go and how many liters of milk is wasted...I am feeling sorry for all those cow and buffalo calves..
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well,me thinks that people can have whatever kind of beliefs that they want as long as they pay for it from their own pocket and it does not harm the rest.
Btw is is a real funny post ...Silk smitha drinking milk!lol!
One small child: I know I know why the water is not salty..
All the fish have stopped peeing!!

But seriously I am still facinated by the (discovery??). It is not limited to mumbai alone. Last week I saw a CNN (yeah the real one) in which some place in US having a tree which oozes water water like a fountain!!

I would have been really impressed if the sea water turned to coffee all of a sudden. THAT will be a miracle

Is it true? have to check it out, maybe some kid must be atop that tree! if water can turn into coffee, even I will go to have coffee!! :P
India shall remain india no matter how much economic progress we may make.
Sorry boss. But you have to note that the similar mentality is exhibited by other countries too.
Stupidity is prevalent everywhere.
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