Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Sharjah, Toronto, ...., Knoxville

Of Course, in between, there are many more neutral venues. If you still havent understood, these are venues which has hosted India-Pakistan cricket games! Dont be perplexed, the Indian and Pakistani national cricket team did not come to Knoxville or havent even heard about it. But the game was between the Indian and Pakistani students from UT, Knoxville. Still, its an India-Pakistan game!!
But what sets Knoxville apart was the venue for the game. The venue we chose, where we have been playing there in recent times, is a BiLo Shopping Center Parking Lot. Thanks to Food City which bought all Bilo outlets, but hasnt opened their shop there, as a result, there is this huge Parking lot, 80% empty, and is our new cricket ground!!

The game was held last week, and both the teams arrived. There was a slight imbalance in the teams. The Indian team, also the hosts, had 23 guys, while the Pakistani team, a group of undergrads who have come here on a 6 week exchange program all the way from Pakistan, had 9 guys and remaining around 14 girls (babes, rather), so the final team had 2 girls in their side (who did a fairly decent job in the field, considering they were playing cricket for the first time, one of them even scored a run!). The guys were better, but still they were no match to our Indian guys and we beat them comprehensively, though a few of them gave a fight. We scored around 135 from the quota of 15 overs while they managed some 80 odd runs. The atmosphere was electric with all the chicks cheering and singing songs from the pavilion while we enjoyed them! In the end, it was an evening of fun and friendship and some kick-ass time!!
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