Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Shine on you crazy diamond...

Any Pink Floyd fan would have heard of this long and beautiful song. A song which was made as a tribute to the creator of the band and a gifted guitarist, Syd Barrett. Incidentally, the song title is also an expansion of his name, "Shine on You crazy Diamond" and talks about his contributions to the band (source: Wikipedia).

I am a Pink Floyd fan myself, and though most of my favorite tracks were all released after Syd left the group in 1968, from the albums, Division Bell and The Wall, I still am a big fan of him for the album "Piper at the gates of dawn" with the songs Bike, Scarecrow, Astronomy Domine my favorites among them.

Today, Syd Barrett is no more and the music world has lost a genius. RIP Syd...
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