Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Football fever..

yeah..I'm also suffering from it. am no nostradamus or something, but just offering my opinion on the WC so far and beyond...

so, now the WC has boiled down to the Quarterfinals and what do we have here? A German side in awesome form, faced with an Argentinian side equally good, both teams with some newfound heroes like Podolski and Maxi. Anything's possible, Argentina is planning to employ German tactics of attacking right at the beginning. Its gonna be a cracker of a match..but I feel Germany can go through..

There is the normal Italian side who are yet to lose a game since 2004, my favorites, though it was a bit lucky the way they got through to the quarters due to a bad decision (but they were in the recieving end last time, so their luck evens out), but hats off to the Socceroos, they played really well. Playing the Ukranians. Should not face much of a problem, though Ukraine is playing well, I dont think they can break the Italian defence, but lets see. Go Azzurri!!

England, the football equivalent of our Indian cricket team, studded with stars, play like fools. They just managed to beat Sweden because of that yet another awesome goal by Beckham. I dont think they can go beyond Portugal. I like the team, but its useless. Portugal will struggle due to Valentin Ivanov but should still be able to get through.

And Finally, France suddenly seem to have found their class and played superbly against Espanol. Good to see Zizou for yet another game. But can they beat the Brazilians? Brazil, I dont think is playing to the best of their form, though they have improved against Japan and Ghana, but they are still ok, its gonna be a close game, but I feel its gonna be curtains for Zizou and his team.

so, my semifinal lineup is gonna be Germany v/s Italy, Portugal v/s Brazil. 1st game, will be a close game with great German forwards and great Italian defenders, but I guess Germany will prevail, though I'll cross my fingers for Italy. The 2nd game is gonna be fun, with Portugal's coach, Scolari being Brazil's former coach. What tactic will he implement? whatever he does, I guess its still Brazil who'll go through making it a Germany-Brazil final yet again, and I really cant tell what can happen in that game, will be watching the game on big screen and supporting the Germans..

in between all these, the Wimbledon is taking place at exactly the wrong time, India still havent won after that 1st ODI, there is no stopping Alonso, and I dont care a shit about some of the other sporting events taking place.

will be missing the Eng v/s Portugal game as we will be on the road to Indianapolis. Will reach there in time to catch the Brazil v/s France game, and then shifting focus for a while to the F1 race on Sunday!
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