Monday, April 03, 2006

Is god listening?

I saw an ad on TV today which shocked me. The ad goes something like this, people go to a church, out of them, some of them,the "sinners", maybe, are thrown off their seats while some remain on their seats. Then the tagline goes something like, "Jesus didn't turn people away, neither do we", "God is still speaking". This is an ad for a church!
I later browsed through the net for this and found a similar ad by the same church, but this ad has been banned because it shows "gay" bouncers outside the church. Anyway, the link for that ad is given below:

Is this all really necessary? I mean, the idea of a church having an ad for attracting people seems outrageous to me! This is my personal opinion.

What I feel is even more surprising ( and good for the church authorities) was the response for the ad. Click below for people's reactions to the ad:

Going by the reactions, the ad has had a positive response and we can term it successful, considering the fact that American youth do not go to church nowadays. Imagine, if such a thing happens in India, what all could happen..
1) Visit Temple A during happy hours and get a 50% discount on "abhisekham"!
2) Buy Prasadam from Temple B and get extra Prasadam free!
3) Visit the temple of only God X. He wont desert you. Other gods might.

Well, I myself, am a guy who rarely visits the temple, but its only because I believe in the fact that I dont have to go to a temple to see god, a place where they say you get "peace of mind", but we get everything apart from that.

People seem to have got "awareness" after seeing this ad and now visit the church. But is it really possible to be enlightened and have awareness about god, just by seeing an ad? If that was the case, how come people still use drugs, though they are numerous ads which talk about the ill effects of drugs? or if you take a general case, why do people continue to use an old product even though a new product comes up with a flashy ad? Is this awareness for real or is it just material? God only knows...

Anyway, the church people may have made people to speak to god in the church through an ad by making people believe that god is still speaking. But hey god, are you listening? If yes, then God bless America.
God did listen , smiled and went on to complete his assignment which was due next day. :))

But on a serious note, marketing of religion is not a new concept. It has been a big factor in lot of conversions in so called third world countries resulting in the destructon of their cultures. It is basically because man loves to change all things around him for his liking. This includes other's beliefs too.
well, ok, in 3rd world countries, even in India, i have seen marketing of religion, to switch to some oher religion. But on TV? As a commercial ad? to just visit a church? that was what I felt suprising, and also the reactions of ppl.
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