Wednesday, March 15, 2006

My Sleep Analysis.

I seem to have forgotten the art of sleeping these days (atleast I thought).
Reason: Heavy workload,which is more than enough to set your ass on fire and make u jump around like crazy! My schedule since last Friday is put up here which explains what I've been doing in the nights..dont get nice thoughts because it ain't nice!

First, set a variable sleep = 0;

Fri Night: Poker party, win some, lose some, booze otherwise! slept at 5AM, woke up at 10AM Sat morning --> sleep = 5;
Sat Night: party again! after the party is over, driving around the city at 4 AM, buying icecream and Ginger Ale at Walmart..sleeping finally at arnd 6 AM, woke up at 11 AM -->
Sleep = Sleep(5) + 5

Sunday: Realized I have 2 Proj submissions on Tuesday and Wednesday.Alarm bells ring. Party over, slogging start..working till 1.30 AM..woke up at 7 --> Sleep = Sleep(10) + 5.5

now the fun starts..
Mon Night: Slogging my ass off for Tuesday proj submission till 5 AM. Woke up again at 8 AM to work/study. --> Sleep = Sleep(15.5) + 3

Tue Night: First proj submitted in the nick of time..2nd proj start, due Wed. started that Tue night, Slogging till 7.45 AM (yes, not 7.45 PM), that too, designing a IC layout using Cadence (if u know cadence, u'll understand), came home by 8.45 AM, slept for 15 mins, woke up again at 9, freshened up and got back to work. --> Sleep = Sleep(18.5) + 0.25

Wed Night: looked like proj wont be completed on time, thought will seek extension till tomm., and expected my sleep curve to be decreasing exponentially!!
Sleep = Sleep(18.75) + (0.005) (due to the occasional dozing off while work)

so overall, in almost a week, I wud have slept for only about 18.755 hrs, not so bad, but in last 3 days, 3.25 hrs, thats bad!!
But there was a turn of events and proj submission was delayed as more than 50% of junta had to complete the project!! Came home early, few friends came over for Holi, and welcomed me by smashing 3 eggs on my head along with colors, and off we all went, to celebrate Holi and screw up every Desi's study plans and clothes! Played till 9, ordered a Papa Johns Pizza and some Irish Cream Bailley (oh, that lovely drink!! but damn expensive), slept at 11 and woke up at 11, so my sleep variable is not 18.755 but 30.75, bring the average up to arnd 5 hrs a night and compensating for the earlier loss!

For those, who do not understnd this or too bored to read, I have prepared a chart of my sleep analysis of the week..

Tonite, have to submit my project and then will have to sleep late again and wake up very early tomm (arnd 5 AM). No, not another bout of slogging!! There's always light at the end of the tunnel..(no its not an incoming train), spring break is here, and California, Here I come!! :)

and to those who've been thinking how i am spending my time doing sleep analysis and blogging despite having so much work, that's time management for u!! ;)
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Cool analysis btw. That should compensate for all the sleeping you did in architecture classes. Karma man :))
Well, its not a compilation error, I was just showing the last value of sleep for the good-memory deprived!!

and yeah, architecture classes was good, it was like the prof singing a lullaby, lulling us to sleep!
vicky..the time that u take out to make these sleep studies and making complex graphs, *me a non-math person*..:( can be used for more hours of sleep!!!
u must be painting california red, yenjai maadi:)
well, like I said, that shows my time management skills! (or the lack of it)

California is fun and I am painting it red so well that I might switch professions to be a painter ;)!!
you should spend a night taking the differential of the logarithm of the number of hours of sleep and then take the DFT of the same such that you get discrete values that are integrable multiples of something that surely means nothing.

That would be a nobel prize winning analysis :D

-another vijiter to yore blaag-
aaah..I got lost midway during the DFT operation! ;)
so u look like a DSP guy, I give u the permission and go ahead and do that analysis!
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